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Pomegranate Puppets & Marionettes 300 piece extra large jigsaw puzzle
Everyday objects such as dolls and toys spark artist Jay Burch’s imagination. In the still-lif..
Pomegranate Puzzles Gnomeland Security by Michael DuBois 1000 piece jigsaw
Residents of Gnomeland take pride in defending their homeland in Gnomeland Security. Using hand..
Pomegranate Puzzles The Quest for Knowledge 500 piece art jigsaw puzzle
The first documented appearance of the Flammarion engraving is in the 1888 L’atmosphère..
Pomegranate Puzzles Ultimate Tantra 1000 piece fantasy art jigsaw
Tantra is an ancient devotional practice that leads its practitioners from unawareness of self to a ..
Pomegranate Sunlight in a Wood by Arthur Lismer 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
Arthur Lismer was a prominent member of the Group of Seven. Born in Sheffield, England, in 1885, he ..
Pomegranate The Ultimate Alphabet The Letter B Mike Wilks 1000 piece jigsaw
A boisterous beauty besprinkled with 542 representations of the letter B from artist Mike Wilks&rsqu..
Pomegranate Tibetan Wheel of Life 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
The Wheel of Life (Bhavacakra) is commonly seen on the entrance walls of monasteries and on painted ..
Pomegranate Tree of Lovers 300 piece extra large jigsaw puzzle
The child of artist parents who “met at the easel,” Paul Heussenstamm grew up in a highl..
Pomegranate We Are Alone. We Are Not Alone 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
For Jean Bradbury (Canadian, b. Britain 1963), her painting of a snowshoe hare in a winter landscape..
Pomegranate Where Time Beckons the Wicked 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
Dan May’s surreal paintings are filled with mystery and emotion, inviting viewers to create th..
Pre-loved: Clementoni Free Spirit by Christian Riese Lassen 1000 piece horse fantasy jigsaw
A beautiful fantasy jigsaw featuring a stunning white horse running along a tropical beach at sunset..
Pre-loved: Express Gifts Foil Embossed Rainbow Glen 700 piece fairy fantasy jigsaw puzzle
A beautiful foil embossed jigsaw puzzle depicting an illustration of a fairy family enjoying a wash ..
Pre-loved: Express Gifts The Wizard's Realm 1500 piece fantasy jigsaw puzzle
A beautiful fantasy jigsaw. The puzzle has 1500 pieces and measures 91cm x 61cm when complete. ..
Pre-loved: FX Schmid Spellbound 1000 piece wizard shaped fantasy jigsaw puzzle
The wizard is casting his next spell in this fabulously detailed and colourful shaped jigsaw puzzle...
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Conducting the Cosmos by Tom Cross 1000 piece fantasy jigsaw puzzle
The wizard is casting his next spell in this striking fantasy jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle has regul..
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