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Jumbo Wasgij Christmas 13 Turkeys Delight 2 x 1000 piece jigsaw
The Wasgij Christmas 13: Turkey’s Delight! sees Christmas dinner being hosted at the Claus hou..
Jumbo Wasgij Destiny 17 Paying the Price! 1000 piece comic jigsaw puzzle
Remember the ‘good old days’? When petrol was cheap, there were fewer cars on the road a..
Jumbo Wasgij Destiny Retro 1 The Best Days of our Lives 1000 piece jigsaw
The Best Days of our Lives’ is the title of this hugely entertaining 1,000-piece Wasgij Destin..
Jumbo Wasgij Mystery 12 The Unusual Suspects 1000 piece cartoon jigsaw
The crown jewels have disappeared! The Tower is guarded - how could a person get past the lasers? An..
Jumbo Wasgij Mystery 14 The Hound of the Wasgijville 1000 piece jigsaw
The Hound of the Wasgijville! is the title of this fantastic Wasgij Mystery 14, 1,000 piece jigsaw p..
Jumbo Wasgij Original 26 Celebrity Chief Chef 1000 piece comic jigsaw 19150
A new series of Celebrity Chief Chef has started and the contestants are busy creating their masterp..
Jumbo Wasgij Original 27 The 20th Party Parade 2 x 1000 piece jigsaws 19151
The special edition Wasgij Original 27: The 20th Party Parade! depicts crowds of familiar-faced fans..
Jumbo Whacky Water World by Jan van Haasteren 1500 piece comic jigsaw
The puzzle image is brightly coloured and, like all of Jan's puzzles, feature a variety of event..
Jumbo Wild Cats 1000 piece big cat wildlife jigsaw puzzle
A striking collection of big cats feature in this high quality jigsaw. The puzzle has 1000 pieces..
Jumbo Winter Fun by Jan Van Haasteren 2 x 1000 piece jigsaws free scarf!
Jan van Haasteren’s ‘Winter Fun’ is a fantastic depiction of two winter traditions..
Pre-loved: Falcon de luxe Picnic in the Park by Graham Thompson 1000 piece comic jigsaw
The stunning image illustrates a picnic in the park but not everyone would expect how busy it would ..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Get That Cat by Jan van Haasteren 500 piece comic jigsaw 00005
The puzzle image illustrates a chaotic struggle in the local park as all the dog walkers have been b..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Merry Christmas 1000 piece gold foil embossed jigsaw puzzle
A montage of festive scenes feature in this high quality Christmas puzzle, with gold foil embossed d..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Natures Dream by Robert Howe 500 piece wildlife jigsaw puzzle
A beautiful illustration of country wildlife features in this high quality jigsaw. The puzzle has..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Santas Workshop by Joan Steiner 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle 01942
A fun and unique optical illusion puzzle.  Look for all the hidden objects! The puzzle has r..
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