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Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Conducting the Cosmos by Tom Cross 1000 piece fantasy jigsaw puzzle
The wizard is casting his next spell in this striking fantasy jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle has regul..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Country Hideaway by Barbara Mock 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle 01463
The owner of this quaint little log cabin by the lake obviously enjoys gardening and quilting if the..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games On Thin Ice by Jan van Haasteren 1000 piece comic jigsaw puzzle
The puzzle image illustrates a Cold winters day at the local park which is extremely populated by pe..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Riverside Home 1000 piece country cottage jigsaw puzzle 17089
The owner of this quaint little cottage by the river obviously enjoys gardening if the beautiful flo..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Santas Workshop by Joan Steiner 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle 01942
A fun and unique optical illusion puzzle.  Look for all the hidden objects! The puzzle has r..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games The Circus by Jan van Haasteren 1000 piece comic jigsaw puzzle
If you look carefully at the puzzle image you will get a taste for Jan's uniquely brilliant sens..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Wasgij Christmas 7 A Christmas Stuffing 1000 piece comic jigsaw
The family have enjoyed a bowl of soup to whet their appetite for the feast to come. Mum has been wo..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Wasgij Destiny 5 Time Travel 1000 piece comic jigsaw puzzle
Travelling the world used to mean just that. It could take you days or weeks to travel from one plac..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Wasgij Mystery 8 The Final Hurdle 1000 piece comic jigsaw puzzle
The image on the box depicts the London’s famous Tower Bridge, with a horde of athletes from a..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Wasgij Original 20 Fishy Business 1000 piece comic jigsaw puzzle
It’s Friday evening, a busy night in the fish and chip shop, customers are waiting to be serve..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Mystery Wasgij 3 Drama at the Opera 1000 piece cartoon jigsaw puzzle
As the burglar makes his quick get-away he's left the stars of the show tied up and while the ma..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Wasgij 1 What if Money Grew on Trees? 1000 piece comic jigsaw puzzle
The image on the box depicts a beautiful summer’s day in a busy park with all sorts of mischie..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Wasgij Destiny 10 High Street Hassle 1000 piece comic jigsaw puzzle
Look at this 1860’s period image. The street is filled with chaos and panic as the crowd strug..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Wasgij Destiny 15 Shopping Shake Up 1000 piece comic cartoon jigsaw puzzle
Doing your weekly shopping used to be such a social scramble in a cramped general store, but how doe..
Pre-loved: Otter House Arc of a Diver by Pollyanna Pickering 1000 piece dolphin jigsaw
A beautiful illustration of dolphins leaping from the ocean features in this wildlife jigsaw.  ..
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