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Wentworth Wooden Blue Tits by Claire Comerford 240 piece wild bird jigsaw
Three beautifully illustrated Blue Tits are the subject of this winter wildlife jigsaw puzzle. Pr..
Wentworth Wooden Bringing Home the Tree 250 piece christmas jigsaw puzzle
The narrow boat makes it's way back to canal cottage on a snowy afternoon with a very special de..
Wentworth Wooden Christmas at Wylds Farm 240 piece jigsaw puzzle
Christmas is coming and Wylds Farm is busy with customers looking for the perfect Christmas Tree! ..
Wentworth Wooden Enchanted Woods by Terry Doughty 250 piece jigsaw puzzle
This log cabin in the woods provides a warm retreat on the snowy mountain. Premium quality, laser..
Wentworth Wooden Silent Watch 250 piece owl wildlife jigsaw puzzle
Silent Watch is a stunning illustration of a Great Horned Owl in the snow. Perfect for lovers of wil..
Wentworth Wooden Springtime Gazebo 250 piece shaped jigsaw puzzle
The gazebo is bursting with spring flowers in this challenging shaped puzzle.  This lovely shap..
Wentworth Wooden Sunday Skaters 250 piece fine art christmas jigsaw puzzle
A beautiful fine art winter scene of skaters enjoying the frozen pond on a snowy day. Premium qua..
Wentworth Wooden The Puzzle That Wrapped up Christmas 300 piece jigsaw
The Puzzle That Wrapped Up Christmas is an extra difficult jigsaw, with its repetitive reindeer shap..
Wentworth Wooden Three Sisters by Victoria Hall 250 piece jigsaw puzzle
Three colourful Russian Dolls feature in this highly detailed jigsaw puzzle. Premium quality, las..
Wentworth Wooden Westminster at Christmas 250 piece festive jigsaw puzzle
A lovely winter cityscape of London features in this premium quality jigsaw. Premium quality, las..
Wentworth Wooden White Tiger Clan by Steve Read 250 piece wildlife jigsaw
The White Tigers sit in their refuge surrounded by buzzing wildlife. This painting by talented Steve..
Wentworth Wooden Winter Stroll by Richard Harpum 250 piece jigsaw puzzle
As the sun sets over a snowy landscape, a lone walker and their dog enjoy the tranquillity of winter..
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