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Jumbo Destiny Wasgij 15 Shopping Shake Up! 1000 piece cartoon jigsaw puzzle
Doing your weekly shopping used to be such a social scramble in a cramped general store, but how doe..
Jumbo Destiny Wasgij 16 Old Time Rockers! 1000 piece cartoon jigsaw puzzle
It's 1970. Justin Kidd and the Piledrivers are the biggest rock band around, entertaining thousa..
Jumbo Wasgij Back to 3 Barbers and Beehives 1000 piece comic jigsaw 19147
With Hair-stylists some things never change - creating fashionable styles, trimming hair, pampering ..
Jumbo Wasgij Back to A 14th Century Castle! 1000 piece cartoon jigsaw
Today, thousands of people visit a medieval castle to dive into history and explore the past. It is ..
Jumbo Wasgij Destiny 17 Paying the Price! 1000 piece comic jigsaw puzzle
Remember the ‘good old days’? When petrol was cheap, there were fewer cars on the road a..
Jumbo Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy 1000 piece comic jigsaw puzzle
It is 1958 and this popular British restaurant is busy with families and groups of friends gathering..
Jumbo Wasgij Destiny Retro 1 The Best Days of our Lives 1000 piece jigsaw
The Best Days of our Lives’ is the title of this hugely entertaining 1,000-piece Wasgij Destin..
Jumbo Wasgij Mystery 12 The Unusual Suspects 1000 piece cartoon jigsaw
The crown jewels have disappeared! The Tower is guarded - how could a person get past the lasers? An..
Jumbo Wasgij Mystery 14 The Hound of the Wasgijville 1000 piece jigsaw
The Hound of the Wasgijville! is the title of this fantastic Wasgij Mystery 14, 1,000 piece jigsaw p..
Jumbo Wasgij Mystery Retro 1 The Wasgij Express! 1000 piece comic jigsaw
Oh no, the dastardly master criminal has tied the secret agent and his beautiful companion to the ra..
Jumbo Wasgij Original 26 Celebrity Chief Chef 1000 piece comic jigsaw 19150
A new series of Celebrity Chief Chef has started and the contestants are busy creating their masterp..
Jumbo Wasgij Original 27 The 20th Party Parade 2 x 1000 piece jigsaws 19151
The special edition Wasgij Original 27: The 20th Party Parade! depicts crowds of familiar-faced fans..
Jumbo Wasgij Original Retro 1 Sunday Drivers! 1000 piece comic jigsaw
In the image pictured on the box, the villagers seem shocked when this car drives through their tran..
Pre-loved: Falcon de luxe Wasgij Original 8 High Tide 1000 piece comic cartoon jigsaw
The Sun is finally shinning on the coast and everyone appears to be making the most of it on the bea..
Pre-loved: Jumbo Games Wasgij Destiny 5 Time Travel 1000 piece comic jigsaw puzzle
Travelling the world used to mean just that. It could take you days or weeks to travel from one plac..
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