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Gibsons Marmite 500 piece double-sided jigsaw puzzle
Love it or hate it, this puzzle is sure to create an appetite for fun! This iconic 500 piece puzzle ..
Gibsons Vintage Kelloggs 250 piece shaped jigsaw puzzle in a tin
For breakfast cereal lovers of all generations, step back in time with this Vintage Kellogg’s ..
Gibsons Walls Ice Cream Twister 250 piece double sided jigsaw puzzle
What do you do to un-wind? A puzzle of course! Say goodbye to serious with this tempting, double-..
Pre-loved: Bits & Pieces Barn Sale by Tracy Hall 750 piece shaped jigsaw puzzle
You can find everything at the local Barn Sale in this colourful jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle has st..
Pre-loved: FX Schmid Spellbound 1000 piece wizard shaped fantasy jigsaw puzzle
The wizard is casting his next spell in this fabulously detailed and colourful shaped jigsaw puzzle...
Pre-loved: Ravensburger I love Teddy Bears by Roy Trower 350 piece shaped jigsaw puzzle
This shaped puzzle has been specially commissioned by the talented artist Roy Trower, known for his ..
Ravensburger Silhouette - Eiffel Tower, Paris 960 piece shaped jigsa
 A fabulous and unusual France-themed shaped jigsaw puzzle! The puzzle has 960 pieces and me..
Ravensburger Wonderful World of Disney 1000 piece round jigsaw puzzle
This fabulous circular-shaped jigsaw puzzle features all your favourite Disney characters. High q..
Wentworth Wooden Springtime Gazebo 250 piece shaped jigsaw puzzle
The gazebo is bursting with spring flowers in this challenging shaped puzzle.  This lovely shap..
Wentworth Wooden Three Sisters by Victoria Hall 250 piece jigsaw puzzle
Three colourful Russian Dolls feature in this highly detailed jigsaw puzzle. Premium quality, las..
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